binaural beats

BBM is a leading vendor of binaural beats, and has been in business since 2009.  The company provide 30-minute meditations that contain specially engineered frequencies to entrain the brain to positive states of health and well-being. The company has built up a solid reputation online, and offer meditations for the following: Focus & concentration Stress […]

Dejamor Review

Dejamor review

Dejamor offers a service that aims to enhance the intimacy between partners and keep the speark of a relationship alive. They do this by sending out a box every month that has ideas, props, recipes and gifts that a couple can use for a great evening of fun and games and togetherness. To be honest, […]

GetPerka Review

getperka review

It’s not immediately obvious from the home page exactly what GetPerka is, but as you navigate around the website it becomes much clearer. You’ll quickly see that GetPerka is a very smart loyalty system. It takes the old fashioned loyalty card and stamp system to a whole new level. Every time a customer enters your […]

InnoPocket Review

InnoPocket review at first glance is a sleek and very chic looking website, although the font size is so miniscule you would be wise to have a magnifying glass to hand! Innopocket provide goods that encase your precious electronic gadgets, such as cell phone, iPad and Tablet cases. The cases are excellent quality and look fabulous. […]