The website has an instant appeal to its audience with its young, urban and edgy feel. stock quality headphones and earbuds that deliver amazing sound, thanks to the use of quality components that are used in their manufacture. The earphones are marketed at a very reasonable price, considering, and provide a great alternative to pricey, commercial brands like Beats by Doctor Dre, Sennheiser, Bose, etc.

The aim of Bass Effect Audio is to ensure that music lovers can discover exactly what their music should sound like. The headphones provide quality sound so that you ‘don’t just listen, [you] experience your music’. The aim is to produce rich sounds and certainly reviews on the website indicate that this is the case.

Products stock limited products, and this is testament to the time that goes into design and quality. They have three types of headphones. The Revolutionary X (Rev X) currently comes only in red and costs $198, although the blog suggests that it may also be available in white. The IV can be bought in grey, blue, red or white and retails at $29.99, while the earbuds are more plain and simple in style and retail at $12.99.

The Rev X

The Rev X is wireless and Bluetooth enabled. They can link up with your MP3 player, your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC or PS3. They have a built in microphone that enables hands free chat, and they are soundproofed. The reviews suggest that the sound is particularly outstanding for mids and highs and that the bass is well balanced. The Rev X comes with a 120 day warranty. The Bass Effect Audio Rev X can be paired with a PS3 using Bluetooth for online chat among game players. The Rev X has built in Comfort Pivot earpieces, 5 speaker 3D sound and a brushed metal effect.

The IV

The IV is a wired set of headphones that includes a microphone on the cord for ease of use. The reviews for these headphones are particularly compelling with one reviewer noting that towards the end of ‘A Day in the Life’ he could hear a ‘Beatle’s chair squeak’, so the IV is well worth $29.99! Other reviewers note that the bass is ‘great’ and that the headphones are better than their nearest equivalent, the Beats headphones, that are three times the price. The IV is among the most top-rated headphones on Amazon.


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  • High quality earphones
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  • Choice of colours for the IV

Summary is an young up-and-coming company. They currently have a limited range of products so the site appears a little sparsely populated, but the products themselves are well received, stylish and good value for money. does exactly what they have set out to do; they produce rich sounds that enhance the listener experience.