BizRank Marketing Review

With up to 73% of all queries performed in Google relating to local businesses, you can’t afford to be lackluster when it comes to making yourself a dominating presence in your industry. Thing is, building visibility takes time and knowledge, and that’s where the intelligence of the BizRank Marketing initiative comes in.

The basic premise is that you pay a one-time fee depending on the level of exposure you want. BizRank then do all the work for you, delivering you a report outlining all the work done and a report showing where your business can be found on the web. This will give you an idea of just how many people might see your business on a daily basis, and how you can capitalize on this new level of visibility going forward.

The great thing about BizRank is that it is totally “white hat,” meaning that unlike many package SEO/online marketing services they don’t participate in any practice that could harm your rankings and lose you favorability with Google and Bing in the long term. Instead, they use above board practices, such as, ensuring you are visible in all the major search engines, listing you in local directories like Google Places and Yahoo Local, and listing you in GPS navigation systems and 411 phone directories. They also set up profiles with all major social media platforms and create mini pages at Yelp, Foursquare, Insider Pages and others. They distribute your details to top data aggregators like Axiom and Done in Brad Street, and also offer premium-marketing packages with social branding options, blog creation and video submission.

BizRank Marketing Key Benefits

  • A one stop shop for maximum local business visibility
  • A rapid way to maximize your online presence
  • No marketing knowledge required
  • A massive saving on man-hours doing all the work in-house
  • Comprehensive data reporting allows for accurate ROI measurement
  • Tailored packages starting at $499
  • One off payment


For the small cost, it is hard to believe that BizRank can afford to give away so much value. We estimated that even the smallest package at $499 would cost $2,500 (man-hours) in-house, which is a saving of over $2000. You should also consider that to carry out these market initiatives properly takes some degree of knowledge, and therefore makes the service even more valuable. BizRank is an affordable way to optimize online visibility for local businesses in an ever-increasingly competitive market place. It is ideal for new businesses and existing businesses struggling to find a consistent foothold in their industry. We predict that this service will rise in price as it grows in popularity.