Campus Book Rentals Review

Campus Book Rentals is an idea conceptualized by a student for students, and is by all accounts an awesome service that is extremely beneficial to students throughout the U.S.  With college fees plunging students into debt, the added burden of having to buy expensive textbooks is a problem students shouldn’t have to worry about. Recent research by the education department has shown that students are failing courses due to not being able to buy all the necessary study books stipulated on course reading lists.

Campus Book Rentals eliminates this problem by saving students up to 90% on buying new books. And although the books are rentals, the benefits are the same as if you were buying brand new textbooks. All the textbooks are U.S edition, so you don’t have to worry about international edition variations or reprints, and just as you would with your own book, you can highlight and underline text and make notes in the margins. All Campus Book Rentals ask is that when you do so you are respectful to other students who will be renting the same book in the future.

Loan Time and Returning Unhelpful Books

Campus boast the most flexible rental periods of any online book rental service. They are able to do this because they carry the largest selection of books nationwide. Books can be borrowed for any length of time, and, what’s more, if you decide to drop a class suddenly, or the book is not as helpful as you thought it would bel, you have a 30-day refund guarantee.

Ordering With Campus Book Rentals

The site is easy to navigate, with a search facility that allows you to search by author, title or ISBN. There is also a live online chat service on hand to immediately answer any questions you might have. When you place an order you’ll receive a bubble envelope with a prepaid UPS label attached to the outside. When you’re done with your books, you simply place them inside the return envelope and drop the package off at the nearest UPS drop box or UPS store.

Campus Book Rentals Key Benefits

  • Save up to 90% on buying new books
  • Largest selection of books in the nation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Ability to search by author, title or ISBN
  • All books are US edition
  • Borrow for any length of time
  • Return wrong or unhelpful books with a full refund
  • Full permission to take notes in margins and highlight/underline text
  • Shipping included with prepaid envelope
  • Fast 5-8 day delivery service available

In Summary

Huge textbook availability, super customer support and long rental periods makes Campus Book Rentals a must use service for all students looking to minimize college costs and maximize study potential.The returns policy is also very student-friendly, offering no quibble returns with prepaid shipping; the company rightly take into consideration that often an alternative book is required once the ordered book has been received. A huge bonus is being able to write in margins and underline important parts of the text, which essentially makes books feel like your own. A reliable, affordable and wholly student-focused service. Thumbs up!

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