Clicktale Review

The Tale of Every Click Ever Made

Although it is not immediately obvious from their website, is one of the world’s leading Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) companies in the world.  They provide revolutionary insights into the behaviour that we as customers have when we browse websites. By inserting a small piece of html text, your website is able to collate information of every click, scroll and pause that we make. The software tracks our movements and then can be played back as a real-time video. Behaviour reports can then be created.

For you as the owner of the website, it is just like looking over someone’s shoulder. Reports demonstrate demographics. Do you know where in the world the people who look at your website live? Well can tell you. It is also, very cleverly, able to provide heat maps that demonstrate eye tracking, meaning it knows exactly where people look when they stare at the web page. A click heat map also demonstrates which buttons are utilised regularly and which are not, so that you as the owner know exactly what is popular on your website and what is being ignored and you can do something about it.

Plans For Every Pocket offers a customisable plan that can be built to suit the size of the business you have. If your website is not very ambitious you really won’t need very much in the way of analytics so a small plan will suffice. However if you do have a popular website, the premium plan can record millions of page views per month and provide heat maps of the most popular pages along with form analytics in simple easy to read charts and tables, and for those in need, also offers a consultancy service that will help make sense of the analytics and suggest improvements that could be made to your website. Finally you get to watch the video playback of visits to your website and see the actual behaviour of users in real time.

For those that only have a small website, or a blog, or who really just want to try the product out first you can sign up for the free plan. The free plan charts 400 page views per month and provides heat maps of the most popular pages and it still lets you watch visitor playback, so it really is great value. If you love you can switch between plans and upgrade at any time.

How it Works

Installing the software is deceptively simple. You simply email the company to sign up for a plan and they will give you a JavaScript code that you copy and paste into your website. The whole thing takes no more than five minutes.

Key Features

One of the key features of the website is the conversion funnel. This is ingenious as it allows you to visualise the point exactly where your customers either covert (i.e. buy something) or abort the conversion process. This allows you to analyse why some buy and some don’t at a certain stage and you can then optimize the conversion rate of your website in order to improve your bottom line. Understanding where your customers leave your website has to be an invaluable tool.

The mouse move heatmap is a visual record of what visitors are focusing on when they look at your website, while the click heatmap will define every click and scroll and will confirm whether people are clicking on things that they expect to take them somewhere, that then don’t. The attention heatmap can even show you what visitors skip over, what is and is not keeping them engaged, and will clearly show how far down a page they scroll before they abandon the page.

Benefits of

  • Provide friendly phone support
  • Live chat so you can ask questions immediately
  • Analytics give you great insight into your customer behaviour
  • Tailor made plans whatever your budget
  • Change plans at any time
  • Payment is accepted by all major credit cards and PayPal
  • You can try before you buy thanks to the availability of the free plan
  • It’s simple to install
  • It’s ingenious!

In Summary is a magical solution to anyone who wants their website to perform better. offers a range of Customer Experience Analytics, in a variety of plans to fit any budget, which will surely enhance any online business.