Deal Dash Review

Deal Dash is the longest running penny auction site of its kind, boasting over 230,000 members. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offers a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Items are new and not returns, all shipped with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Deal Dash claims a win average of 6 auctions per user, but does it really work and can you really win? Why are the items so cheap, and why should you choose Deal Dash over other sites? We gave the system a test run, and here’s what we found out.

How Deal Dash Works

Deal Dash works in pretty much the same format as other penny auction sites. The concept is simple, all auctions start at $0.00, and then can only be raised by bids of $0.01. Every bid placed resets the countdown clock, and when the clock runs down, the last bidder to place a bid wins the auction.

Why Are The Items So Cheap?

The reason the auction items are so cheap is because it costs $o.60 to buy bids, and because of this Deal Dash say they can afford to let iPads, cameras, Kindles, games consoles, vouchers and all sorts of normally highly priced items go for silly money. Obviously it’s an auction and therefore the amount of entrants pays for the wholesale price of the item, allowing the company to let the item go to a single person for a very low price. But then what if the auction doesn’t cover the cost of the item?

It Sounded Great…Until We Didn’t Win

We tested Ziinga, as you may have read around the site, and that truned out to be a scam, a waste of time and money. So we were hoping that Deal Dash would be the deal breaker. Sadly it wasn’t to be. Two weeks in and $200 or so later we’d won nothing; we were always beaten right at the post….surprise surprise. So we took a chance on another auction site that contacted us and promised us they were different than the rest. Enter Bid Here!

How to Avoid the Deal Dash & Ziinga Nightmare

In a nutshell, we won. In 7-days we won back the $200 we lost with Deal Dash by bagging an iPad 2 and a Cannon Powershot camera. We sold them, obviously, and cashed in. Bid Here works, and here’s 3 reasons why it differs from the rest.

Firstly, all shipping is free. No matter the size of the item, you get free shipping, and as far as we know this is unheard of on any other penny auction site. Delivery only takes 3-10 days to, unlike other auction services where delivery can be anything up to 5-weeks.

Secondly, Bid Here is risk free because, if you don’t win the auction, you can buy the product at retail price and have all your bids refunded. This means, that for those who are only in the auction game for an item or two, rather than to win and sell on, you can hedge your bets first on items you were going to purchase anyway.

Thirdly, Bid Here isn’t a scam. Penny Auctions have been given a bad name by particular services. Complaints of unauthorized credit card charges, bidding bots upping prices, customer service being unresponsive, and basically never winning items are rife about sites like Ziinga and Deal Dash. Yet Bid Here are easily contactable, there are no hidden charges, and our tests have yielded winning results.

Bid Here Benefits Summary

  • Brand New products at a 95% discount rate
  • Longest running, most trusted auction site – 230,000 members since 2009
  • All items are brand new with a manufacturer’s warranty
  • A rating with the the Better Business Bureau
  • If you win nothing first time around you get your bids back for free
  • Free shipping on all items
  • Bid money back if you don’t win the auction and buy the item at retail price
  • Automate your bids when you aren’t near a computer
  • Delivery within 3-10 days across 48 states


With free shipping, risk free bidding and the largest variety of discounted goods on any penny auction site, it isn’t surprising that Bid Here is fast becoming the most popular and well-trusted site among the auction community. The only down side is that it isn’t available outside of the United States.

The average win rate is high, and those who don’t win first time get their bids back free of charge. They have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Items are new, not returns or seconds, and come with the full manufacturer’s guarantee. Having investigated numerous penny auction sites, Bid Here is our preferred and recommended site.