Dejamor Review

Dejamor offers a service that aims to enhance the intimacy between partners and keep the speark of a relationship alive. They do this by sending out a box every month that has ideas, props, recipes and gifts that a couple can use for a great evening of fun and games and togetherness.

To be honest, on the day I visited, the website looked like a complete disaster zone. It was incredibly slow loading and had a large number of broken links, with text boxes out of their frames and lots of empty space on the pages. There was an air of benign neglect. The last (single) tweet was made 8 days previously and the last blog post was 19 days old.

Innovation for Relationships

Assuming that Dejamor do as they say, then their product idea is extremely innovative and offers a valuable service. Every month they send a box that contains the ingredients for a great night for you and your partner. These mystery ingredients are intended to rekindle your relationship and get some sparks flying in your love life. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You are completely surprised by what is in your box. It arrives every month containing something for ‘him’ and something for ‘her’. Half of the fun is in wondering what surprise your partner has in store for you.

The packages come in gift boxes, gorgeously wrapped with ribbon and marked ‘for his eyes only’ and ‘for her eyes only.’

Dejamor Keeps The Torch Burning

Dejamor are not simply aiming their product at women. As many men as women subscribe. There is no discrimination against women or men, old or young, gay or straight. Dejamor should appeal to everyone who wants to keep the torch of their relationship burning. Dejamor describe their clientele as sophisticated folks who may be time poor.

The team includes experts in law, coaching, business, relationships and sexuality, so there is no end to the ideas they can produce between them.

The basic tenet of Dejamor is perfect for people who have lost their way in their relationships. Perhaps one partner needs help to be more assertive or take the lead. The other may need ideas to be more imaginative. One may need to feel reassured about his or her looks or physicality. The combination of ideas, props, and products that are sent in the box ,work to take the focus away from individuals and any self-doubt they may have.

The testimonials on the website suggest that the boxes are exciting and a great way to change the dynamic in the relationship.

Value for Money

The basic package provides an ‘unforgettable evening’ and costs $29.13 per month. The price includes your box and access to a member’s only content area. For $34.95 you will receive an ‘expertly curated experience’ which includes a gift for your relationship as well as the basic box contents. A three month subscription costs $115.

How Dejamor works

You go to and sign up. You will then receive your box every month containing an ‘expertly curated adventure in a box’. The boxes are dispatched in discrete and plain packaging.


  • There are a variety of ways to follow Dejamor via twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Innovative service
  • Will spice up your relationship
  • Good blog posts
  • Receive a newsletter containing tips and tricks
  • Expert staff


In spite of problems with the website it is apparent that has an innovative service to provide couples. Subscribing monthly to Dejamor ensures that an exciting box is delivered discreetly to your home which will guarantee to spice up your life. Membership of Dejamor also secures access to a members only area for increased numbers of relationship tips from the highly specialised staff.