Design Studio Pro Automotive Design Sculpture Review

Design Studio Pro Automotive Design Sculpture is the first scale model car designed by professional clay modelers and car designers. This fun and creative clay never dries out, which means you can keep developing your skills over and over, unlike wood and plastic model kits that are ruined the minute you make a mistake.

The clay scale model car kit enables you to develop 1/10 scale RC body or personal concept cars. Everything you need comes as standard in the box, including a step-by-step instruction DVD. You will also receive cool car design stuff via the monthly newsletter.

The kit teaches you real world skills for industries that use post-production clay modeling. So whether you are planning to go into the aerospace, movie or automotive design industry this is definitely a great way to practice. Alternatively, if you just love modeling or are looking for a new hobby this is ultra-cool.

Design Studio Pro Automotive Design Sculpture Key Benefits

  • Drawings engineered by auto-industry professionals
  • Reusable non-dry clay
  • Custom made clay tools
  • Car design renderings included
  • Clay modeling tape included
  • Wheel decals with plugs included
  • Full instructional DVD
  • Money back guarantee


All the tools provided in this clay scale model car kit are of a professional standard and designed by people working in the automotive design industry. Extensive research, time and effort has gone into making this kit the pinnacle of clay automotive design. For anyone with an interest in this area the kit will be a fun, engaging and lasting hobby, and perhaps one day even a career. Watch the awesome demonstration video on the front page.