Dollhouse Bettie Review

Sexy and stylish best describes Dollhouse Bettie, the authentic vintage lingerie, retro pinup style lingerie, and classic lingerie boutique for those who want something more timeless and sophisticated than the tired glamor look. Equally, if you are looking for classic outfits in either a burlesque, pink flamingo, bunny or Mini Mouse polka dot fashion then you will certainly find something of your liking at Dollhouse Bettie.

The site boasts an endearing authenticity of its time with the design centered around 1940s pin-up girl Betty Gable, and just a browse will no doubt be of interest to anyone with a fascination of the era. The concept is set around femininity that doesn’t just focus on a woman’s thong or cup size. In their own words, “we want to bring back a little mystery, a good deal of romance, and a whole lot of glamour.”

Corsets, feather bowers, garter belts, stockings; if it’s classic it’s here, and if you are overwhelmed as to what to choose for a friend or partner then you can opt for a gift certificate.

Dollhouse Bettie Key Benefits

  • Highest-quality vintage, classic, and pin-up garments online
  • On-site fitting guide
  • Orders processed and shipped within 2 business days
  • International shipping (free on orders over $200)
  • PayPal accepted along with all major credit cards
  • Full refund policy


Dollhouse Bettie stocks it all from vintage lingerie down to bridal wear and sleepwear. The site is extremely easy to navigate and delivery is exceptionally quick, making the shopping process effortless. A real gem of a boutique you can access from the comfort of your home.