How Do You Review So Many Products?

We receive hundreds of products every month from companies wanting us to review different products. We allocate chosen products to the most appropriate reviewer on our team and then vigorously put the product through its paces, giving you the outcome as soon as we can.

How Come You Are So Current?

Most companies send us products well before the launch dates. This means we have time to throughly test the product before it goes to market, providing you with up to the minute product reviews.

Do You Review Bad Products?

If a product isn’t worth buying it isn’t worth mentioning, and we aren’t here to ruin the reputation of a product just because we don’t like it. Our policy is to disregard the rubbish and review stuff worth writing about.

What if I Want My Product Reviewed?

If you are planning to launch a product and you’d like it reviewed here at ReviewsWeek; get in touch with us by email. Please include your press release or extensive details of your product. If we think the product is suitable for review we will contact you for a sample of your product.