Flippa.com Review

Flippa.com is a company dedicated to those who want to buy or sell website companies and domains. At first glimpse the website is simple and austere looking but it has business to do and it just gets on with it! Even without visuals and gimmicks this is a highly effective website and it is instantly obvious exactly what you are getting with Flippa.com. 

Who is Flippa.com?

Flippa.com is the number one marketplace from which to buy or sell your website. The homepage shows new listings while the website as a whole has a huge variety of websites and domains for sale. Whatever the size of your purse or how deep your pockets stretch, there is a website here to fit your budget. Flippa.com are proud of the fact that they have registered the highest rate of website sales in the industry, and while they have only been in existence since June 2009, they are already the world’s largest website for the buying and selling of websites.

What Flippa.com does

Flippa.com is a platform for buying and selling websites. The website listings are in simple and easy to understand format, and the search facility allows you to look for results in a number of different ways; you can search for listings that are new, ending, by price range, or even by the revenue of the business which is especially useful. Each listing contains links to the website or domain in question, so in a sense you get to ‘try before you buy’. You can also see how many unique monthly views the website gets.

Why Flippa.com are Leaders in their Field

Flippa.com has over 200,000 users registered either as buyers or sellers and they have a bid placed every minute of every day. At any one time Flippa.com have 2,500 people online and during 2011 they were able to record $31 million of business exchanging hands through the website. They have registered numerous high profile sales including sales of websites for over 6 figures. They are able to boast a number of awards for outstanding performance in their field, for example in 2011 they won both the Deloitte Technology ‘Fast50’ award, and Top Innovator from Smart Company Smart 50. Above all Flippa.com strives to prevent fraud and scamming on their website, and to that end they have a dedicated anti-fraud officer and have many security measures enabled.


There is a flat fee of $29 to enable a seller to list an established website business on Flippa.com. The seller then pays a 5% commission when the business is sold but this is capped at $2000. If the listing is a new website the fee is $9 but the commission is 15%. There are a range of other payment options for sellers to choose from, for example to ensure confidentiality you can pay an extra $100 or to get your listing onto the front page you pay an extra $50. You can also choose a premium listing for your domain or website.

Added value comes through the range of buying and selling resources available to customers through Flippa.com. For example there are in-depth buying and selling guides and a great blog where people can join in by commenting.


Flippa.com has a long list of easily understood directions. In a nut shell, a reserve price should be set for a website business that must not be made public. Bids in the last hour of the auction push the finishing time of the auction back by one hour and bids and offers made are anonymous to everyone except the seller.

Payment Options

Flippa.com offers a wide variety of payment options including PayPal and Credit cards. They use Escrow to facilitate payment so that payments are safe. Credit cards have to be verified every six months, and also for purchases over $200, in a continued effort to prevent fraud.


  • Extensive help pages
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Clear information and instructions
  • No fuss website
  • Wide range of business to buy
  • Doing everything in their power to prevent fraud


Flippa.com is the go-to website if you are thinking of selling or purchasing a website. They have a wide base of users, a longstanding reputation, and the website is effortless to use. With such an active community the sale rate is very high, which of course is the one thing you want when trying to sell at auction.