Food 4 Wealth Review

Food 4 Wealth is a complete organic food-growing program developed by horticulturalist and environmental scientist Jonathan White. The program enables a person with no prior knowledge of growing produce to be able to pick up a spade and start saving money by “growing their own.”

With food prices on the rise and produce consistently sprayed with harmful chemicals, Food 4 Wealth provides a solution that regenerates food with as little as 8-hours gardening a year. The system comprises a step-by-step book and 60 minutes worth of video, and focuses on food that can be harvested all year round, which sets you free from seasonal restrictions.

Jonathan has based his system on ecology rather than horticultural. What this means is that you will be creating a natural habitat instead of a vegetable garden, which ultimately means less work and more produce. The Food 4 Wealth system utilizes the techniques used by Mother Nature since the beginning of time, and in Jonathan’s own words is “Embarrassingly easy.” You can grow fresh, healthy organic carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, zucchinis, celery, spring onions, swiss chard, baby spinach, parsnip, cucumber, potatoes, baby corns, pumpkin and more.

Food 4 Wealth Key Benefits

  • An easy to set up garden that takes as little as 8 hours work per year
  • Grow multiple produce all year round
  • Grow in any soil
  • Harvest on a daily basis
  • No digging
  • Collect your own seeds
  • Sell excess produce


The program is currently $39, and when you consider that you could recoup that by not buying produce at the supermarket for 2-weeks, this is effectively a license to print money. The system is ideal for anyone seeking maximum output and minimal input, and also great for anyone looking to make a little money on the side at a farmers’ market.