Gemvara Review

The Gemvara concept makes it possible for customers to design their own personal jewelry online. The idea is that you get to add a personal touch to the design, creating something inspired and unique, or, if you like an existing design featured on the site, you can simply choose that one.

It has never been easy shopping for jewelry online because you can’t physically touch and try on the product. And unfortunately this is where the Gemvara adds more complication to the mix. Despite their best efforts to show multiple picture views in high resolution to give you a real feel for the product, attempts to turn the customer into a jewelry designer doesn’t work as well in practice as it does in theory, as many disappointed Gemvara customers have found out upon receiving their disappointing design work. It just isn’t the same as having an experienced jeweler to provide direction and advice in person. The site provides good jewelry options, including rings, necklaces, gems, earrings, pendants, and more; but nothing overly noteworthy that its competitors don’t. Moreover, the hype around Gemvara has pushed up prices unreasonably over the last year. You should also be careful of the returns policy. If you are buying a present then you only have 30 days to return for resizing.

Gemvara Pros

  • Create your own personalized jewelry with gemstones and diamonds
  • Silver, Gold, White Gold & Platinum available
  • Wide selection of gems
  • Free shipping inside the US and Canada
  • International shipping available

Gemvara Cons

  • Designing your own jewelry or trusting another user’s design is an endeavor that may turn out ugly
  • Poor returns policy
  • Messy and somewhat annoying site navigation
  • Overpriced compared with rival competitors


Gemvara is good but overhyped, and a number of customers we spoke to kinda wished they had gone personalized but not chosen their own design, largely because it just didn’t look like the pictures when it arrived. The hassle is then trying to return the jewelry for a full refund – you are likely to end up with store vouchers instead. Our research on Gemvara’s competitors gave top spot to Jewel which is a more affordable option for personalized jewelry across a broad range of occasions. You can engrave your own messages and choose from a wide range of gems and birthstones and gold and silver. Best of all the returns policy is friendly, as is the customer service. There is an instant chat facility if you have questions to pose while browsing, and the toll free number is useful for those wanting to speak to a real person and track orders. USE THE COUPON CODE NEW7 for a 7% new shoppers discount.