Who are is a sparkling and stand out addition to the cluster of jewellery sites currently available online, with a particularly attractive and important niche. They are an all-American company who manufacture spectacular lab-made diamonds and this makes them the number one ethical choice for engagement rings. Their lab made diamonds are of an exquisite quality and compare exceedingly well to naturally mined diamonds. can supply you with distinctive and extraordinary rings for engagements, renewal of marriage vows, wedding bands and other special gifts.

What offer you offer extremely helpful and individualised customer service from their professional and highly trained employees. They also have master craftsmen on hand to custom manufacture any item of jewellery to your own design specifications. The diamonds are hand cut from rough lab stones and are then coated with a Diamond Like Carbon coating which leads to clean, iridescent beauty and tough durability. The stones are polished to perfection and dazzle all who behold them. are innovative and lead their field

The dazzling and eye catching range of jewellery on the website includes the glamorous and the chic; particularly popular are the traditional diamond solitaires and three stone diamond engagement rings that are always immensely popular with would-be brides. However you can also peruse their antique inspired selection of rings that are fabulous for engagements or as special gifts, or luxuriate in the range of diamond wedding bands that incorporate some totally gorgeous craftsmanship. Remember if you cannot find the perfect ring you can contact the master craftsmen who will be happy to create the precise custom ring of your dreams. is modest about their green credentials, but ethically they stand head and shoulders above their competitors in the jewellery business. As their diamonds are lab produced and manufactured in the USA, they have no recourse to mined diamonds which are often the cause of conflict in many third world countries, and finance war and drugs.

A Lifetime of Value

The engagement rings compare very favourably to traditional diamond jewellery in terms of size and price. You get more ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak because the lab diamonds can be cut larger than the majority of mined diamonds, and of course as they are not as expensive so you can actually afford to buy a bigger more impressive diamond or have a ring with more diamond settings, whichever is your preference. The engagement rings start from just $599, and these do not look like bargain basement rings by any means. Even the lowest priced of the engagement rings look classy and chic. also offers a range of pendants and earrings which are perfect for special occasion gifts for the women in your life. Benefits

  • Eco-friendly and ethically produced, these diamonds are 100% conflict free
  • Made in the USA
  • Website incorporates a variety of ways to pay including credit card and PayPal
  • Easy to get hold of larger diamonds or rings with more diamond settings
  • Dazzling and eye catching stones
  • No-one can tell the difference just by looking at them
  • Affordable
  • Large inventory of styles to choose from
  • Availability of custom design
  • Hardness of the stones at 9.7 is greater than many gemstones


Shipping is free to all ground areas in the United States by FedEx. Insurance is included in the price. Someone over the age of 21 has to sign for the goods on receipt. Expected delivery is between 24 and 48 hours so shipping is fast. is also happy to ship worldwide to over thirty countries, but it is best to enquire first for an estimate of package and posting costs if you reside overseas.

Guarantee is confident that they are producing merchandise that is instantly unique and at the same time offers amazing price and quality. They are happy to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. Jewellery is covered by a lifelong repair and protect guarantee with no questions asked. There is a 15 day returns policy with a promise of a 100% refund if you are unhappy with your purchase.

In Summary are a trendsetting company supplying lab produced diamonds that compare favourably with mined diamonds in terms appearance, and outperform mined diamonds in terms of size, availability and price. The ethical nature of these diamonds is a further positive. Shipping is more than reasonable and the 100% satisfaction guarantee will put your mind at rest. Overall you will find that’s lab diamonds are a sparkling, shining beacon of fabulousness in the contemporary jewellery world.