GetPerka Review

It’s not immediately obvious from the home page exactly what GetPerka is, but as you navigate around the website it becomes much clearer. You’ll quickly see that GetPerka is a very smart loyalty system. It takes the old fashioned loyalty card and stamp system to a whole new level. Every time a customer enters your store they can use a smart app on their phone in order to gain stamps and earn rewards. You, as the merchant, can use Perka to drive sales through repeat custom while your customer will benefit because they have earned enhanced rewards simply by increasing their loyalty to you.

Is GetPerka a leader in its field?

GetPerka is definitely a leader in its field. It allows merchants to offer bigger and better perks in order to maintain interest among customers. An obvious example is that the customer can have a free coffee with 10 stamps; but why not a rawhide chew after 10 visits to a pet store? Or a free soft toy at twenty visits and so on? The greater the incentive then the more likely it is that customers can keep returning to your store.

The system comes complete with a dashboard so merchants are able to identify customers’ names and use them to add a more personalised service. Similarly, customers can leave feedback for the merchant, and in this way complaints can be identified and rectified swiftly and privately.

GetPerka is the best at what it does

The dashboard system enables the merchant to distinguish between customers and offer a personalised VIP service to special customers. Once you know who your most valuable customers are you can offer exclusive perks, special offers or more personal service.

GetPerka is not limited in its appeal at all. It can be used by all kinds of businesses, large and small. It’s an obvious software loyalty solution for cafes, bars, restaurants and sandwich shops, but the beauty of the system is that it can be applied elsewhere too, in boutiques, salons, toy shops and pet shops. There is really no limit to where it would be useful.

Having the GetPerka app on your phone is very convenient. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t forget or lose their loyalty cards, or not have it on their person when they need it? Merchants also report that ordinary paper loyalty cards are easily counterfeited so the GetPerka app is a great system.

Value for Money

Entrepreneurs prefer GetPerka for their start-ups because it is a clean app, and the overall look and feel of the brand says quality and innovation, which is something that entrepreneurs want to be associated with. It’s a great app to launch on the same day as you open your business as it can attract customers who get a freebie when they use it for the first time. It can be an integral tool in many businesses.

There are two levels of Perk to choose from. For $35 per month the merchant receives the Perka Punch card system that is particularly useful for those who have frequently returning customers. The app works on any phone and this package includes ways to promote the use of Perka within your business. You also gain access to the dashboard where you can monitor transactions and buyer behaviour, as well as any feedback that has been left for you.

The second package is the Perka Flexpoint system that costs $50 per month. Customers earn points for the amount spent, so this package is useful for businesses that have a diverse range of products and prices. It also allows you to offer exclusives to VIPs and regular customers, and to send out special offers directly.


  • Allows merchants to offer a personalised service
  • Allows merchants to offer greater rewards for more loyalty
  • Encourages the return of customers
  • Quick, simple, easy to use app
  • Will appeal to businesses regardless of their size
  • Several price packages
  • Easy to use
  • Proven platform
  • Replaces punch cards that can be lost or counterfeited
  • Allows merchant to analyse buyer behaviour


GetPerka is an innovative system that will be a boon to entrepreneurs and business owners, both small and large, in these demanding economic times. The innovative dashboard allows merchants to analyse customer behaviour and target offers to keep customers visiting them. They can address customers by name and single out VIPs. The system is easy to use and comes in two packages to suit the type of business you run. Customers will love being rewarded so you really cannot go wrong!