Global Option Review

The Global Option platform provides a simple, effective and profitable way of trading across the globe. Investors can use binary options trading as a means to complement their existing trading strategy or as their sole strategy. When an investor trades with a binary option they take a position on whether the asset will move up or down when the time expires. The success of the trade is not affected by how much the binary option moves.

How Binary Trading Works

There are three standard payoffs: “in the money”, “out of the money” or “on the money”. An “in the money” digital option payoff results in a positive outcome for the investor, when the prediction is correct. When a user is “out of the money” their prediction is incorrect. If a trade results “on the money” the price of the asset has not moved in price, which results in no payout to the investor.

Why Choose Global Option For Binary Trading

The Global Option platform had become the platform of choice for many traders because it offers faster trade settlements and up-to-the-moment updates on all asset prices. The platform takes the mystery out of trading in the futures, indices, commodities and stock markets with a range of easy-to-use tools. Clients can trade wherever a Broadband connection is available, with a mimimum of a $50 trade. and a team of highly knowledgeable Account Service Managers are always on hand for support.

Global Option Key Benefits

  • Over 80 Assets to trade
  • No fees or commissions
  • No registration fee
  • Up to 95% profit
  • 3 business account withdrawals
  • Trade from anywhere in the world
  • 24/7 customer support


The simplicity of the Global option system enables investors of all skill levels profit through online trading. We found the Global Option platform incredibly easy to use, even for newbie traders. We must advise you that there are financial risks involved in trading and no guarantees of success.