Home Made Energy Review

Home Made Energy was borne out of one man’s annoyance with his energy bill continually rising each month. After he was promised an energy-saving meter that actually increased his bill, ben Ford began to fight back against the greedy utility company. What the electric company hadn’t banked on was this 52 year old electrician making it his lifetime’s work to get free energy and then tell all his neighbors how to do the same. Incredibly he reversed the situation so that the electric company ended up paying him.

With electric bills rising month by month, any opportunity to slash your bill in this tight economy is a welcome surprise, and this is exactly what Home Made Energy will help you do. You may not get get completely free electric because this depends on the volume of energy you can generate, but you are guarantee to make savings of between 50—75%.

How Home Made Energy Works

What consumers don’t realise is that solar panels are extremely cheap to manufacture, yet incredibly expensive to buy, in fact so much so that it just isn’t cost effective to change over. The main component of solar panels is silicone, one of the world’s most abundant resources. So rather than pay $12,000 for an installation, Home Made Energy teaches you how to make and install your own solar panels. And if you build up enough energy you can then sell it back to the electric company and make a profit. For under $200 Ben Ford built his own solar panels by buying solar cells online and constructing the installation inexpensive installation himself. He then devised a step-by-step guide for his neighbors to do the same, and has now released this information worldwide.

Home Made Energy Key Benefits

  • Up to 100% reduction on electricity bill
  • Easy to build even for DIY newbies
  • Step by step instructions
  • 2.5 hours per panel build
  • Get the electric company to pay you
  • 100% guarantee
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • 42,000 people already installed and set-up


At first it sounds too good to be true, but looking at the manual it’s a big surprise people haven’t been doing this for years. When you look at how simple this is and how affordable it is to do you will regret not doing it sooner. There isn’t a better way to save money on your electric bill than this.