LifeStation Review

Age and illness is inevitable for all of us, and ensuring elderly family and friends have the best care possible is of the utmost importance. The problem is you can’t be there to keep a watchful eye on an elderly or sick loved one very minute of the day, and that is where LifeStation has become quite literally a life saver for so many.

There are a number of companies offering medical alarm equipment, but not many offering a highly personalized system that fully engages family and friends in the event of an accident. LifeStation have on-site Care Specialists, all Central Station Alarm Association Certified to handle emergencies. All calls are handled personally using 2-Agents, rather than outsourcing to offshore monitoring services or simply rerouting the call through to the emergency services.

The medical alarm button comes with three free attachments allowing the user flexibility. It can be used as a neck pendant, wristband or belt clip. The alarm console is fitted with an enhanced speaker that lets a person communicate with a care specialist even if they have fallen down and are some distance away from the alarm.

A personalized action plan is drawn up after subscription, and this plan is followed by the Care Specialists whether the person is able to communicate the problem or not. The care plan may include a list of friends and family to be contacted immediately, along with the emergency services who will be provided with specific details of patient requirements, such as medication or pre-existing medical conditions. Care Assistants are trained to stay on the line throughout the emergency to offer comfort and reassurance to the person in distress.

LifeStation Key Benefits

  • Highly Personalized Care Service (No outsourcing or re-direction)
  • Central Station Alarm Association Certified Care Specialists
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed monitoring center
  • Alarm Wearing Flexibility (3 free attachment options)
  • Pre-Agreed Care Plan Followed During Emergency
  • 24-hour Assistance
  • Affordable Plans From $26.95 Per Month


LifeStation is undoubtedly the most professional and reliable medical alert company we have investigated. Perhaps the most attractive thing about LifeStation is that they are not an agent of any sort, but instead operate their own call center and provide dedicated Care Specialists to emergency situations. A worthwhile and trustworthy service to ensure the care of elderly and sick persons.