Who is was founded in 1995 with the aim of making people’s lives easier by utilising the convenience of the internet. They are now a global phenomenon and allow clients to connect with experts from around the world using chat, email and the phone. The service states that it offers you ‘a world of experts,’ and it certainly delivers this.

What does do?

The easier question to answer might be what do experts not do? experts offer expert advice in a wide variety of fields. There is expert advice in counselling, technology, education, health, design, business, spirituality, social media, coaching and personal development, shopping and style, legal services and home and leisure. You get the picture! But within these broad categories you can actually search for an expert within a sub category. If you need help with homework for example, you could search through education and narrow the experts down to those in your particular field, say history or sociology for example. Alternatively, if you need help with how to write up your work you could search for someone with study skills.

The flipside of the coin is that businesses can use too. Businesses use the website to connect with customers, offering advice and guidance and building good relationships with customers and clients. There are currently over 8500 businesses registered on the LP website.

Why are leaders in their field?

This innovative and ground-breaking idea is very ambitious and yet has pulled it off with aplomb. The website is so easy to use and the method for using it so transparent that can’t help but lead the field in this area.

All good stuff! Throw into the mix that they offer 30,000 experts in over 600 categories and you get a sense of just how useful the service the website is offering really is.

Added Value

While you do have to pay to access the experts’ advice, the website also offers a range of services that are good value. You can connect to through your Facebook and Twitter account which allows you to keep up to date with special offers, helpful tips, job openings and the latest news. There are a variety of helpful newsletters and articles that are completely free to access. As this article goes to press, there was a really great article on tackling Midterm exams, and one on seeking help for mental health issues. These are updated regularly and are written by some of the LP experts. As an additional touch you can even access your horoscope if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

The Guarantee wants their customers to be completely satisfied, and actually they have over three million five star ratings on the site. That’s a lot of satisfied customers! If you are still apprehensive about whether you will get value for money from, consider this. Your initial communication is free so that you can investigate whether your LP expert is the right one for you. Any subsequent contact with the expert is then treated as a hire. You input your credit card details which act as a guarantee of your payment and a validation of who you are. You and the expert will ‘talk’ in whichever form you choose, and then you will be issued an invoice. If there are any issues you have the option to challenge the payment, but if you are 100% happy then payment is easily arranged.

Cost of the Experts

After the initial contact, which is three free minutes by phone, you are required to pay a rate that is decided by the expert. You may only pay 50 cents for an educational expert but that price can rise to $18 per minute for spiritual or love specialist experts, which admittedly seems a little extreme when Doctors and Lawyers are only charging $3-4 dollars per minute, but this is a market driven website. There is currently a $10 voucher available for first time use so sign up quickly!


  • Diverse site with a full range of features
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clearly states the costs of what you will pay
  • Lots of free  information available
  • Easy to search for an expert using the varied categories
  • Over 30,000 experts in 600+ categories
  • Long history of satisfied customers
  • If you’re not happy you don’t have to pay
  • Currently offers $10 off your first session with an expert

Summary is an innovative and ambitious idea, bringing together a range of experts from across the world who are able to offer advice on anything and everything. LP experts have expertise in a diverse variety of areas and therefore offer something for everyone. Payment options are transparent and the website offers a great guarantee.