Living Language Platinum Review

The Living Language Platinum Learning Program is a new addition to the language learning market, and one that has mounted a reasonable challenge to the massively popular Rocket Languages software. We were pleasantly surprised at the comprehensive inclusion of learning utensils; from books including extensive lessons and cultural guidance to CDs containing audio conversations, flash cards, and an interactive online course, everything you need for an enjoyable and varied learning experience is on offer.

The program is offered in French, Spanish, Italian and German, and is about to be released in Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. We were given the privilege of test-driving the Spanish version, and were pretty impressed. The all inclusiveness of the Living Language Platinum program means you don’t get bored; ideal for those not fond of “school-like learning.” In the same vain as Rocket Languages, the package gives you the flexibility of home computer study and study on the go, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and the Android platform. For those without one of these platforms, don’t worry, all audio is compatible with your MP3 payer.

The program is suitable for all levels of proficiency, so if you have intermediate speaking skills there is still a massive amount to be learned with the program, and for beginners the access to online tutoring sessions with personalized instruction from native speakers and language experts is a huge benefit. Again, in identical fashion to Rocket Languages, there is also an online community when you can practice, share tips, get advice, and receive feedback from native speakers, language experts and other language learners.

Benefits Summary

  • A comprehensive learning system encompassing printed books, audio CDs, online course, e-tutor learning and access to an online community.
  • iPhone, iPad, Android and Nook compatible.
  • Adaptable to all styles of learning.
  • Accessible for all levels of proficiency.
  • Engaging and fun.
  • Home study and study on the go ready
  • iPhone app available.


Living Language Platinum offers a good system that is undoubtedly of great quality, but still, in our opinion, doesn’t compete with the value of Rocket Langauges. Rocket Langauges comes in $79 cheaper (and offers bonus value like the Survival Pack), and the delivery feels stronger and more suited to the digital age. RL is designed with the dynamics of the given language in mind, acknowledging that grammar and syntax instruction are dependent on the language taught. This enables the program to go that step further in offering culture-specific information, delivering maximum understanding for the learner. Without doubt the Living Language Platinum Learning Program is a good buy, but due to not actually getting much more for your money, our recommendation remains with Rocket Langauges.