Magic Mist Review

Magic Mist refill cartridges are a God send for electronic cigarette smokers feeling the pinch of buying original cartridges. At first we were a little apprehensive to deviate from the originals, thinking Magic Mist might be the equivalent to buying low quality printer cartridges that smudge ink on documents, but this wasn’t the case. In fact, our experience would go as far as saying the tobacco taste is slightly more pronounced and less harsh on the throat then the Green Smoke cartridges we’d tested previously.

With a saving of about 25% on original cartridges, it really makes a huge difference to your pocket when you add the savings up over a month or year. The smoker is given three different levels of nicotine to choose from, ideal for those wanting cut down on a sliding scale; high (16mg), medium (11mg, low (6mg). The company tells us that a broader choice of nicotine levels are set to be added in the second quarter of 2012.

The Magic Mist electronic cigarette refill cartridges have models compatible with the following electronic cigarette brands:

  • Blu Cigs
  • V2 Cigs
  • Green Smoke
  • SafeCig

Magic Mist Benefits

  • Up to 25% saving on original cartridge pricing
  • Maximum compatibility with major electronic cigarette brands
  • Better taste, less harshness
  • Thicker vapour
  • Tobacco and menthol flavors available
  • Varying levels of nicotine available
  • 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee


You will notice subtle differences in these refills, but positive ones that are likely to make you stick with them permanently. The value is great and certainly a welcome market alternative. Original cartridges can hinder the process of giving up real cigarettes because economically there isn’t a huge difference. However, Magic Mist facilitate the change over and make electronic smoking a viable option for those on a budget. That said, there is nothing budget about the product. The cartridges are good quality and backed by a 100% consumer guarantee.