Pop Up Domination Review

At a time when email lists are getting harder to build, Pop Up Domination is a much-needed piece of kit for any Internet marketer. Using old school calls to action such as arrows, cheap graphics and simple opt in friendly phrasing on your side bar or header isn’t enough to trap savvy internet users who tend to be used to ignoring “enter your email address here” type boxes.

Pop Up Domination is designed for use with WordPress and stand alone HTML and uses a pop-up trap to get visitors to your site to sign up for your newsletter or special offer. You might be thinking, “Yea, but isn’t that really annoying for users?” Yes, but this is blunt and unapologetic, and it works. What’s more, you can set the plugin to work after a certain amount of impressions so you don’t have to repel first time visitors. You can also set it to pop-up on particular pages.

Results speak for themselves, and a huge amount of top Internet marketers like Yanik Silver, Emma Douglas and Sugar Rae are already taking full advantage of the potential 304% increase in sign-ups purported by the creator. If your list is building too slowly for your liking or you are planning on building a list, then Pop Up Domination is definitely an option worth considering. At $47 it’s a minimal risk investment to your site.

Pop Up Domination Key Benefits

  • Potential subscribe increase rate of 304%
  • Seven Pop Up Layouts and 8 colors to choose from
  • 15 color schemes to match up with your site
  • Compatible with all mailing list providers
  • Impression Pop-Up Control
  • Free Opt-In Domination WordPress plugin with purchase


Pop Up Domination isn’t for everyone, and some would argue that opt-ins might rise but readership might fall, particularly where blogs are concerned. ReviewsWeek advice would be to experiment and see whether more subscribers means more money and less readers, more money and more readers or less money and less readers. Make sure you track “time on site” and other important metrics to see how the pop-up is affecting user behaviour. That said, Pop Up Domination is awesome at stopping people missing or ignoring your sign-up box. Persistence is key in marketing and Pop Up Domination will ensure you capture more email addresses, largely due to its barefaced cheek approach!