Safecig Review

Safecig are the company that first brought electric cigarettes to America, and as such became the leading, most recognized brand. With stiff competition popping up from copycat companies, Safecig hasn’t rested on its hind legs, and now comes in a range of 14 flavours, including Original, Classic, Menthol, Brazilian, Turkish, Columbian, Madagascan, Saharan and more. The Safecig also boasts 50% more battery life than any of its competitors.

The smoke released from Safe Cig is an odorless vapor that dissipates in the air within seconds, leaving no residue or odor in the air. The cigarettes itself tastes like real tobacco but smoother. The technology behind battery that powers Safecig is a unique Flow Sensor. This Flow Sensor allows the battery to instantly power down when not in use to preserve close to 99.9% of its battery life, however, it responds immediately when it senses the slightest bit of drag and powers up the refill cartridge to produce a satisfying smoke.

Safecig is similar to the size of a normal cigarette (4 inches in length and 3/8 of an inch in diameter. You simply inhale as you would a normal cigarette, enjoying  the pleasure and satisfaction of smoking without Tar, Ashes and the smell of smoke. There are 3 standard domestic and 11 international varieties, Perhaps the best thing about Safecig is that it can be used in most “No Smoking” areas such as restaurants, bars and malls, and even at the office.

Safecig Benefits

  • No more tar or ash
  • No more cigarette odor
  • No teeth staining
  • Tastes like tobacco but smoother
  • Same size as a normal cigarette
  • 50% more battery life than rival competitors
  • Free Shipping (US Only)
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Made in America (California)
  • 14 Flavors to choose from
  • SAVE MONEY on buying heavily taxed cigarettes

Nicotine Level Options

The Safe Cig refill cartridges are available in 6 nicotine levels, as follows:

  1. 24 mg = Comparable to “non filters” (Designed for the very heavy smoker.)
  2. 18 mg = Comparable to “full flavored”
  3. 14 mg = Comparable to “mediums”
  4. 11 mg = Comparable to “lights”
  5. 6 mg = Comparable to “ultra-lights”
  6. 0 mg = Cartridges with flavor but contain no nicotine at all.


Safe Cig is the only electronic cigarette company in America that privately funds all of its own research, development and engineering, and this has become the foundation of Safecig success. The company’s commitment to research means the product keeps getting better and leads in quality over its competitors. You will find cheaper imitations, but free shipping offsets what you might save, and the quality and variety certainly won’t be matched.