Review is an attorney matching service that brings together clients and lawyers and swaps information about each, between interested parties. The website originates in Longmont, Colorado but offers a national service aimed specifically at customers who are in debt.

Who is is part of a wider operation for and has been in business since 1992. They offer a virtual office for lawyers who can use the website to market their services. Lawyers are able to set their own budgets and control the information that is sent out to clients. The homepage collects data from interested clients and this is then passed on to lawyers. Lawyers pay a fee to use the service of the virtual office. The virtual office then contacts lawyers in the locality of the customers and passes the details on. sends out personalised mailers to the customers which incorporate the lawyer’s details. In this way both parties are aware of each other. This theoretically helps customers to make more informed choices about who they wish to help them out of their financial crisis.

What Exactly Does Do? collect leads for lawyers and then provides them with a secure webpage where they can access information about potential customers. The website can compile reports for interested lawyers. Lawyers can allow clients instant online access to the forms that they need to complete, in order to progress their case, and this is particularly useful because it means customers are more likely to commit sooner in the process, rather than change their mind while they wait for forms to arrive in the post. helps lawyers reach the clients they want, and it allows the client to have an instant connection with lawyers in their locality.

What Makes Unique? provides a useful service to both lawyers and customers at an affordable cost. They note that they have over 2.2 million people on their database that lawyers can gain access to, and among those potential clients, 1.5 million people have debt greater than $20,000 and hundreds of thousands of people have made late payments on their mortgages. Given that over one million people in the US will search online for legal services every month, offer a really useful service that pairs clients up with lawyers and vice versa.

Website User Experience Preview

The homepage captures the client’s information. The client enters their zip code, the number of children they have, their income and then they are required to estimate how much debt they have. The website then takes them through to a second online form, short and easy to complete, which requires more details about variety of debt, name and address etc. You can then be connected to a live adviser, or someone will contact you from the company.

Information is collected both actively and passively on the website. The active collection of data comes from the forms completed in the initial stages online, but passive information in the form of internet protocol address, cookies, tags and navigation data are also collected, although this is standard across the internet on the whole.


  • Simple easy to use website
  • Helps customers find lawyers to battle their debt crisis
  • Information is stored securely
  • Clients can gain access to the forms they need instantaneously
  • Faster take up among clients
  • Virtual office for lawyers
  • Easy way of marketing

Summary operates on two levels by having a portal for lawyers and one for potential clients. The website collects information from potential customers and puts them in touch with lawyers that can help them in their general vicinity. Lawyers pay to use the virtual office and receive lists of clients that offer potential work. It’s a seamless, practical, trustworthy way to connect clients and lawyers that offers benefits all round.