TrueRegen Review

I must admit I was a little sceptical of Trueregen when my test bottle of Superior Anti Aging Cream with SPF arrived in the mail. The reason for this is that the word “anti-aging” is bound around so loosely in the present day that it’s hard to believe all skin creams are capable of doing the same thing. However, the thing that secured my confidence to go ahead and try Trueregen for a month was the tiered anti-aging, a system that applies an anti-aging cream for different age groups, with each cream engineered for different skin maturity.

I fall into the 31-49 category, which is accompanied by two other categories, 20-30, and 50+. Trueregen also offer anti aging for men. I am not a fan of chemically laden products, and the fact that 95-100% per cent of Trueregen’s products are natural and organic is very appealing. TrueRegen contains no parabens, Sodium Lauleth Sulfate (SLS), and no artificial colors or fragrances, and essential oils are used to give the products an elegant, subtle smell.

I am not under any illusion, and as a woman the wrong side of 30 I know I will get more wrinkles, but if I can slow the process down and be youthful for longer then this is a life bonus, so to speak. I also know the importance of using good creams in my younger years to look better in my senior years.

TrueRegen Results

I immediately felt the effects of the cream being kind to my skin, making for a very gentle application and soft surface feeling. Often when you change creams spots appear as the skin adjusts to new ingredients, this wasn’t the case with Trueregen Anti Aging Skin Cream. After 2 weeks my skin was visibly firmer and the appearance of crows feet around my eyes were not as deep when I smiled or squinted. After 3 weeks my friends began to comment that I was looking radiant, which in my mind amounts to a more youthful look. The aging process can’t be reversed, but Trueregen certainly hinders its progress.

TrueRegen Benefits

  • Age tiered cream categories to target skin maturity.
  • Full anti aging kit available, including day cream, night cream, eye cream, toner and more.
  • 95-100% natural and organic.
  • No skin adjustment period.
  • Notable results within 2-weeks.
  • Affordable, quality anti-aging creams.
  • Available in the US, UK, and Thailand.


Trueregen does work, and the products are of high quality, a definite pre-requisite for taking care of you skin. Don’t expect a miracle reversal of wrinkles, but do expect better looking skin with reduced wrinkle appearance.