Ugifit Review

Ugifit is a revolutionary stylish workout taking the world by storm. Designed for those with minimal time to workout, Ugifit is the ultimate 30-minute home workout that combines strength, cardio and core training in a unique, fun way.

Ugi utilizes a fitness ball, which in the words of the developers “has the squish of a beanbag, the bounce-back of a stress ball and the beauty of simple design.” The Ugi ball is a modern day advancement on the medicine ball. It can be used in multiple ways to simultaneously work out key muscle groups.

The 30-minute total fitness program features a series of one-minute exercises that are designed to efficiently workout your muscles and change your body completely in a rapid time period. Each workout takes you through warm up, cardio, strength conditioning, balance and cool down, and is flexible enough to be carried out in a location of your choice – home, gym, beach or office.

The Ugi Ball is fifteen inches in diameter and weighted to your individual fitness needs, the Ugi Ball is versatile enough to use in small spaces such as your living room. It’s also attractively designed, meaning you won’t have to put it away because it can be used as a seat or feature of the room.

Ugifit Featured Benefits

  • Fast, practical and efficient workouts from a location of your choice
  • Ugi Ball designed for your individual needs
  • Five total body workouts on DVD with instructions, tips, tricks, modifications (140 different exercises)
  • A no-nonsense guide to making good eating choices
  • Access to an online video library of Ugi exercises
  • Free downloadable Ugi interval timer for the iPhone
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Ugifit is ideal for stay at home mums, executives and even those who don’t like conventional exercise. It allows you to save money on the gym and save time for family and work. It is also an ideal accompaniment for existing exercise, for those busy periods when you can’t get to the gym and want a fast, effective workout. The Ugi Ball is fun and something family and friends can use too, making exercise enjoyable and convenient..