Upsell Equation Review

Upsell Equation uses unique mind trickery to ethically encourage a consumer to buy further products or upgrade inside the checkout. The system is designed for both online and offline marketers and can be applied industry wide wherever upselling takes place. There are no false promises involved and the system relies on consumer psychology, rather than deception, to guarantee better upselling conversions.

The 53-page guide explains the mind science behind this technique, and then you are given copy and paste instructions to implement the techniques into your upsell strategy. There are also a number of tutorials guiding you through “guru” upselling and expert advice on how to create products that will lure increased upselling.

Upsell Equation’s value is in its comprehensive coverage of consumer behavior, and unlike so many other products on the market it isn’t just an information guide, it’s a system that anyone can use and be walked through to implement with immediate effect. It’s instantly accessible for beginners and advanced marketers, and takes the headache out of trying to understand how consumers behave in the checkout process. It also helps you gain an advantage over your competitors, who no doubt are stuck using tired marketing strategies like anchoring and decoy offers, which are nowadays generally perceived as deceptive.

We are not sure if it was intentional, but the creators of Upsell Equation are giving away more than just upsell strategy here, and much of what you will learn can be applied across the board into general marketing practice. The full platinum system is very reasonably priced at $80 and features same day program support and the advanced upsell video techniques. The basic package is $54.99, but without getting the walk through tutorials, copy and paste implementation templates and the advanced video series, there isn’t much of a reason in not paying the extra $25.

Upsell Equation Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed increase in upsells
  • Comprehensive expert marketing advice
  • Save time and money by not having to constantly A/B test your upselling
  • Same day support desk service
  • Copy and paste templates
  • Walk through tutorials
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Very reasonably priced


When you consider that you will only need to achieve 2-3 upsells to make your money back on purchasing Upsell Equation buying the program becomes a no brainer. We agreed with the owner not to give away the specific secrets in this review, but what we can say is that it would cost quadruple to hire a marketing consultant for the day to give you such valuable insight into consumer psychology and the upsell process. A high quality product and a must for any online or offline business looking to profit from upselling.