VideoBlocks Review

Before now, obtaining quality royalty-free stock footage, motion backgrounds, production music and sound effects would have set you back considerable money, and if you are working to a tight budget for a student project, home movie, charity/not-for profit, this often renders your project unviable. VideoBlocks, however, has flipped the industry upside down and created a platform accessible for both amateur and professional. Now everyone from the average Joe to the Oprah Winfrey show can choose from 50,000 (updated from 30,000 as of Jan 2012) high quality stock video and audio at an affordable price.

Already heavily praised in the media by the likes of Entrepreneur, Business Week, and Mac Directory, you can now access unlimited clips of everything from US landmarks to erupting volcanoes at extremely high quality resolution. With over 50,000 clips to choose from it isn’t likely you will run out of ideas any time soon. Before now, freedom of usage has always been restricted by varying permissions. Videoblocks is the first subscription based service of its kind to offer carte blanche usage with no expiry .

Current VideoBlocks clients include, ABC, NBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Cartoon Network and MTV, but don’t let big names put you off, the service is as much for the home user as it is for TV networks. Whether you need clips for a website or to enhance a work presentation, once a clip is downloaded you have the rights to use it as you please. As a user you can search by video or audio and choose the resolution quality you require. Choose from slow motion, looping backgrounds, nature and animals, international locations and much more.

VideoBlocks Key Benefits

  • Completely royalty free for use in any project
  • All clips compatible with PC and Mac.
  • Once downloaded ownership is that of the user (No expiry date)
  • Choose from music, video, sound effects and motion backgrounds
  • Over 50,000 clips
  • New content posted daily/weekly
  • Membership cancellable at any time
  • Start downloading instantly once subscribed
  • 7-day free trial available – just create an account and start downloading


Videoblocks is a truly innovative service and a long overdue necessity for the industry. Now amateur filmmakers have access to the same quality video clips and production music as the high-budget channels. This levels the playing field and can only be a good thing for the evolvement of the film/TV industry. But Videoblocks isn’t just for film and TV, the service is available  for home movies, DVD menus, presentations, parties and events (great for DJs and VJs), Websites (easy to convert to streaming media clips) and any other type of amateur or professional project. You can test run the service by registering an account and opting for 7 days of free downloads.