Window Alert Review

Every year thousands of birds are killed flying into windows, some of which are rare and endangered. Birds are often fooled by shiny windows, and at times blinded by sunlight as the fly. Window Alert offers a brilliant and effective way to stop birds dying or being critically injured as a result of your shiny windows or conservatory doors.

Often we don’t realize that birds are injuring themselves on our property because they manage to hobble away or fly briefly before finding a place to curl up and die. And contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just a rural problem, it is also very common in urban areas.

Window Alert decals appear as frosted or etched glass to the human eye. But they contain a component that brilliantly reflects ultra violet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans but glows radiantly for birds because their eyesight is 12 times better than the average human. This helps birds avoid flying into windows on your property.  This superb affordable invention not only makes windows look attractive, but is also saving the lives of birds all over the world.

Window Alert Key Benefits

  • An affordable way to reduce the risk of birds flying into the windows on your property.
  • Contribute to the protection of endangered bird species
  • Easy to install
  • Make your windows more attractive
  • Only 50c Shipping Per Item Worldwide
  • An affordable environmentally friendly solution


The Window Alert decals are simply a brilliant idea that give us all the chance to protect birds and watch them live safely in our gardens. The decals are just $6.45, and once you have finished protecting the birds from your windows, you can browse a fantastic range of bird baths, feeders, houses, food, and much more.