Youbar Review

The first thing you will notice about the Youbar website is how wonderfully appealing and tasteful their website is. It is bright and colourful and totally appetising. The fonts are entirely user friendly and the graphics are gorgeous and fresh looking. What the website does well is make great use of the white space that the fruit and nuts are set in front of. The images of tasty bars and gift boxes flash across the screen and keep you engaged. You just know that the Youbars are going to taste as luscious and exciting as this website looks.

A Mother and Son Business

Youbar stems from an original idea that mother and son, Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn, dreamed up. They already created custom protein bars at home to meet their taste, health and allergy needs and they quickly recognised that there would be a wider market for them. The pair took over a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, and You Bar was born to critical acclaim, and attracting the attention of celebrities.

The Youbar Concept

The creators of Youbar have a simple concept; ‘you are what you eat, so choose!’ and that concept runs through the entire website. The company custom makes cereal, nutrition or protein bars based entirely on customer requirements. They will take your likes and dislikes into consideration along with individual health and allergy needs and hand make a fresh Youbar created just for you. The product is then shipped to you along with the list of ingredients and nutrition information.

Choosing Your Youbar

The website has a clear and innovative process that allows you to create your Youbar from scratch. You start by choosing the size of your Youbar, from small to extra-large and then you throw numerous other items into the mix. You get to choose from a selection of bases, and then you add protein powder, nuts and seeds of your choice, fruits and berries, sweeteners (all natural), seasonings (including chocolate!), grains and cereals and finally infusions. Once you have all of that in the mixing bowl you get to choose a name for your Youbar and hey presto! You have your very own nutrition bar.

The bars are dispatched in boxes of 13 so that’s the minimum you can order. If you love your bar so much that you decide you cannot live without it then you can set up repeat orders to be delivered at regular intervals. However, if you really can’t choose from the amazing array of ingredients or you simply don’t want to create your own bar, then you can choose simply to buy Youbars from the shop on the website which stocks a range of the most popular Youbars currently on sale.

Youbar is also able to cater for anyone wanting to choose a really different gift for a loved one or a colleague. The shop stocks a range of gift boxes including the seriously scrumptious Bar of the Month Club. Members receive a box of fresh, handmade custom energy bars every month. The attraction of these has to be that each bar is carefully designed so that it features the freshest seasonal ingredients; so in October for example, the grateful recipient receives a Spooky Halloween Crunch that contains the best fare to be found that month, namely cranberries and pumpkin seeds, along with organic peanut butter, dates, crunchy rice cereal, chocolate chips and a soy protein boost. Yummy!

The Cost of Customisation

The cost of a box of Youbars is actually very reasonable when you consider that you are customising your own nutrition bar. A box of thirteen bars will cost you approximately $38.87 and the most popular gift boxes start at $46.86. Orders ship by UPS priority mail and you should allow 2-5 business days for the arrival of your Youbars. You can pay an extra few dollars to have them sent more quickly.

Youbars can be shipped internationally but you will need to contact customer service to arrange the postage on this. Youbars can be shipped to military addresses overseas.

All packages are sent out with the nutrition facts and a full list of ingredients so that there is no doubt about what you are receiving. For more information you can check out the excellent FAQ section of the website.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Youbar are so confident about the quality and taste of their product that they splash their 100% total satisfaction guarantee across the top of their website. You can return your Youbars if you are not happy and the company will offer you another box completely free.

The Benefits of Youbar

100% satisfaction guarantee or another box completely free

  • Live help on the website if you require it
  • Simple and easy to use website and checkout
  • You choose your own ingredients for your nutrition bar
  • Good range of payment methods including credit cards and PayPal
  • You know exactly what is going into your Youbar
  • You can choose your own Youbar name
  • It’s great fun!


Youbar is a fabulous and innovative website that allows you to have fun while creating your own nutrition bar. You choose exactly which ingredients you want to see in your snack, along with a name for it, and then they are lovingly handmade for you and shipped to you in a beautiful box of thirteen. Youbar also offers a range of magnificent gift ideas and couples friendly customer service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.