Ziinga Review

Ziinga is an auction site that works using a penny auction process. Basically, you buy bids that you use to bid on items. Each bid you place will increase the price of the item by $0.01, and add a small amount of time to the countdown timer. When the countdown timer hits zero, if you are the highest bidder you win the item. Ziinga offers different membership types, each with a corresponding monthly fee. The better membership you buy the more access you get to free bids, bid-for free auctions, and extra bids for bid package purchases. Unfortunately, although our initial investigation showed the system to be promising, our researched revealed a huge number of dissatisfied customers who said they were scammed.

Although Ziinga says you can win iPads and games consoles for fantastic prices, according to most they lost at least $127 on the site by having their credit card charged  without consent. Those who did have the occasional success were annoyed because they had to wait up to 5 weeks for delivery of their item, and had to pay shipping depending on the weight of the item.

Is it Possible to be Successful on Ziinga

We quickly realized that to succeed on Ziinga you would need to have both a privileged member package, like the Platinum Membership, and also to buy a high bid package. You see, the cost of a bid ranges from $0.69 – $1.19, depending on the bid package you select. When you consider that you will need to place multiple bids in one auction, buying bids at $0.69 will save you around $0.50 per bid.  If you buy the best bid package you will be able to outbid people who will tap out of the auction early because they are paying more than you per bid.  Also, unless you want to spend your life watching auctions, it is wise to use a bid agent. The bid agent bids on your behalf, based on the parameters you enter; you choose the minimum price, maximum price and the maximum number of bids you are willing to use. Any unused bids on your bid agent will be returned to your account. In theory this would be the best way to win auctions, but it defeats the object of the site because you will end up spending so much more than you intially budgeted for, and indeed not get your item at the ridiculously low price you wanted.

Supposed Ziinga Benefits

  • Brand new electronic devices at ridiculously low-prices
  • Bid Agent supplied for automatic bidding
  • Instant sign-up
  • Multiple membership choices
  • Membership cancellable at anytime

Ziinga Key Cons

  • Difficult to win items
  • You can only win 2 items within a 14-day period
  • Delivery costs can be expensive and offset savings
  • Delivery time up to 5-weeks
  • Internet rumours of bid bots are off putting
  • Users have emailed us with reports of unauthorized credit card payments of up to $127


On the face of it, Ziinga is an awesome way to get great electronic devices at very cheap prices, but the problem is it isn’t easy enough to win, and the harrowing stories of scams are too abundant to ignore. To win you need to speculate heavily with the Platinum Membership and invest in buying lots of bids, and at times it feels like the company isn’t being entirely honest with bidders. There is also a specific delivery cost attached to each item, not to mention that products can take up to 5-weeks to deliver. In light of these things, we suggest you check out our #1 rated auction site instead, Bid Here. Our testing has shown that it  has a higher win rate, and also offers  free delivery on all items, all of which arrived in less than a week. You can see how Bid Here stacked up against the Deal Dash Penny auction site in our review here.