Cardi B. sets another Fashion Nova collection that will redefine the context of being sexy and beautiful.

In an exclusive interview, the controversial rapper and TV personality revealed that her fashion mantra this year is sexier and more revealing compared to what she dished last year. She further stressed that all the clothes of her second fashion brand are all inspired by 80’s and 90’s trends.

When asked regarding what really defines a sexy person, Cardi B. said that you don’t need to show more skin. Instead, she highlighted that being sexy is more of a state of mind and how you show your confidence in front of others.

However, she revealed a tip to look dashing to the eyes of most men. Cardi advised women to be aware of the shape of their body and from there get the perfectly matched dress inside the closet. During the interview, she also highlighted the importance of heels in keeping a lady sexy. Not only does the right heels uplift your posture, but it also adds to the contour of your buttocks.

Cardi B’s Lessons for her Daughter Kulture

Cardi B also shared some information regarding her daughter, Kulture. She said that she wants to raise her daughter the same way with what she experienced from her parents. And that means providing much freedom to what makes Kulture happy.

But, when it comes to fashion, Cardi said that she would do some intrusion. She wants to influence the fashion outlook of her daughter like suggesting the right heels when they get to attend a particular event.

Also, she wants to make her daughter realize that in fashion, lesser is more. According to her, a person doesn’t need to always clad himself or herself with a full set of accessory from head to toe to look good. As long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing and can express what’s inside your heart- that’s fashion!