From the conservative one-piece swimsuit to bikinis, there is a new style of bathing suit on the rise. Swimwear designer Maayan Sherris launched her Babes in Bathers swimwear line with a new collection that looks like everyday summer wardrobe.

The line varies from the skimpy swimsuit designs. The swimwear can be worn just like regular clothing and are available in rainbow colors, pastel hues, and black. Some of her creations have layers, just like the fuschia tank with a quarter-length pale pink shirt. 

The designer whose first name (Maayan) translates to “freshwater” in Hebrew, became interested in fashion while growing up in Israel. She began making her own clothes to be different from other children. She went on to high school and studied fashion design and later attended Parsons School of Design. Here, she worked with varying types of body and the idea of making functional clothes and not just decorative ones started.

You might think that her creations are only for sunbathing and display, think again, because professional swimmers can rely on them during swim time. Surfers tested these swimsuits in Rockaway beach. Sherris’ success can be attributed to her working practices where she works closely with the locals, sells in person, and takes in suggestions. She goes to new places every year and immerses herself with the locals. With these, she has learned a lot and has experienced first-hand the active lifestyle of the community.

People who have wear-tested her suits were also notable. Recently, the participants were no less than the Indian Olympic swim team who were very eager to help her with her design. They suggested where to put seams, what’s comfortable, and what works best. One idea she got from them was the concept of the ‘drag suit’ which offers extra resistance while you swim. She has used this ‘drag suit” concept since then and has designed a suit suitable for training. She named it “Swim Jammers,” which looks like cycling shorts than can be worn by men and women alike.

If there is one particular person she would like to wear her design, it would be Katie Ledecky. Ledecky is the female American swimmer who holds the title for the most number of World Championships and Olympic gold medals won. Sherris is enthusiastic to see how her designs would keep up with Ledecky’s speed.